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ASK Kim’s sensitivity, spirituality, and intuition combined with her technical abilities
results in an exceptionally superior massage.
Norman & Patti * St. Helena

Kim is the best. She is a gentle & patient teacher who holds a sacred space to heal
and to discover.
Andrew * Napa

My wife, a recent stroke sufferer, and myself have benefited greatly from Kim’s biweekly
visits to our home. My wife’s mobility has increased since receiving treatment from Kim.
And for myself, therapeutically, I am greatly relaxed after a massage from Kim.
Lindy & Doug * Sebastopol

Kim gives a great combination of gentle touch and therapeutically rehabilitative massage.
She is always in touch with where the body needs the most work. The energy she puts out is from the heart. She has a very loving, gentle, vary caring touch on a personal level that connects in many different ways.
Walter * Novato

I used to go to a lot of different people for massage. Kim’s is the best I’ve received.
She gives a very nurturing & relaxing massage. I just feel really good & relaxed when I leave.
Mickey * Larkspur

Kim’s massage addresses my energetic needs and health problems. I really felt the lymphatic flow more with the lymphatic style. It’s pretty deep, the effect. I really feel it
greatly improves my immune system.
Michyl * Oakland

Kim is quite simply one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She is able to draw upon her wealth of experience and intuition to guide, nurture, and inspire a person with total presence, awareness, and empathy. In working with Kim, she gained my confidence by gently, yet directly, drawing attention to areas in my life that had been quite confusing and therefore difficult to approach & understand previously. Her gift of patience helped me to help myself with sure guidance that is at once, unique, spontaneous and reassuring - a combination that is quite amazing & completely Kim! With Kim, I’ve come to realize that cultivating love & appreciation for one’s self is a necessary ingredient to have before one can truly offer these same universal gifts to others. Kim’s approaches and concepts are so completely thorough, respectful, and non-judgmental that they are without a doubt never ending. Hers is a true loving light that will shine infinitely and will help other’s light to shine brightly.
Offered with loving light, from Tony * San Francisco

My massage therapy with Kim is truly an experience beyond massage.
She gives me mind & body relaxation as well as with her intuitive guidance,
experience and her true heart she helps me improve my inner self being
that fills my spirit and soul with a new beginning after every session.
Truly you are a shining star...
Sabrina * San Francisco

This dynamite powerhouse is what I needed to assist my healing from Parkinson’s.
Skillful, attentive, caring, patient - what more can I ask for when in chronic pain for
much of my life. Thank you Kim for your loving touch.
Lisa * Palo Alto

Kim's hands are like velvet. Her lymphatic drainage helps me completely relax.
She is a definite healer, indeed.
Vince * Sebastopol