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Imagine we are Innately self-healing beings.
What if the ego-mind interfered with this natural process that creates a sense of being held back, stuck, confused, numb, resisting, dis-eased?
The focus on healing combines Body Talk Massage Therapy, Conscious Wholistic Touch Therapy, and Heart-Felt Communication practices to affect wholesome integration for lifelong fulfillment alive & well in the body.

basic bodywork blending the following modalities with somatic-emotional release to heal the stories of tension, pain, discomfort in the body with empathetic emotional acknowledgement: accupressure, jin-shin jyutsu, cranial sacral balancing, lymphatic drainage massge, medical massage, myofascial release, orthopedic massage, reflexology, shiatsu, sports massage, swedish-esalon, traditional thai style, trigger point massage, working styles for infants, pregnancy, seniors, trauma-related injuries.

gentle & safe touch to consciously acknowledge appropriate energy boundaries respecting emotional boundaries and development (especially if abusive touch is part of the his/herstory) to ecstatically expand & explore experiencing more than one energy interaction.
May include modeling & role playing scenarios for cathartic release therapy, neuro-linguistic reprogramming for subconscious thought patterns if a belief no longer serves your higher purpose in living healthily; energetic balancing, grounding & integration for a sense of well-being in psychic connections.

non-violent communication style blended with radical honesty to empathetically, compassionately, understandingly, and forgivingly experience being emotionally felt & touched by the heart.
Transpersonal psychology (with personality archetypes), soul retrieval, and connections to spirit are integrated through hypnotherapy and guided-imagery meditations to access a sense of wholeness if one tends to feel scattered, disconnected, dissociated, alienated, lonely, overwhelmed, confused, misunderstood, conflicted, misguided.