CONSCIOUS BODY SERVICES         800-979-0608

​​I guide the sessions to meet your particular needs, desires, boundaries.
Generally, we begin with a phone interview to determine work compatibility and
to establish a sense of safety & trust with one another as this work can be quite
vulnerable & intimate for wholesome integration.

Afterwards, sessions may continue on the phone with mutually agreed upon times and/or
in person, time dependent upon individual schedules and a sense of completion for a particular integrating process.
Field trips are also available determined by individual requests from 2 hours up to 1 week.

Each time spent together either on the phone, in person, on on a field trip is based upon individual donations* as your gift in appreciation for my grateful time, energy, and presence
(similar to a sliding scale in cash flow of $60-100/hr).**
It is a great honor to respect & receive the privilege to work at this courageous & conscious-seeking level from you.

*the honor system is practiced to promote the philosophy of a sustainable gifting economy
with mutual consent to give & to receive from a heartfelt place of abundance & gratitude.

** Other services vary from a sliding scale equivalent of $200 +/hr