ASK Kim Lucas, CMT, SC, DD
235 Westlake Center, Ste. 335
Daly City, CA 94015


My background is in pre-medicine, zoology, political science, transpersonal psychology, nursing, energy medicine, reiki, human sexuality education, abuse & trauma healing, Family Constellations, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), neuro-muscular reprogramming (NMR), Sat Nam Rasan, Kundalini Yoga, Massage Therapy/Bodywork, somatic therapy (somato-emotional release, Hanna Somatics, Hakomi Breathwork, Motherwave Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork, Quantum-Light Breathwork), expressive arts therapy, metaphysics, shamanism, divinity.

I have been blending my varied approaches since 1995 with ongoing research & development.

My opinion is that we are naturally self-healing. Our relationship to the mind, emotions & sensitivity (chakra systems), sensuality & sexuality (through the 5 basic senses), power, money, time may align and/or interfere with this innate ability to heal in synergy and/or paradoxically.

My goal is to be a guide in the healing, dreaming, creative process of integrating back to your authentic being with your fullest potential expressed in celebration, conscious community, dignity, freedom, honor, integrity, permission, respect, safety, support as we all wholesomely in unison evolve towards the unconditionally one-love state called AGAPE love (spontaneous altruistic love).

My motto is for conscious healing with ecstatic prayer through the body’s senses celebrating being wholly alive in the body integrating with the mind, heart, soul, spirit as one.