Imagine feeling a harmonious sense of being wholly you.
Conscious Living Services offers an opportunity to develop &
‚Äč evolve by integrating a sense of being embodied present in the body
being empowered masterful of the mind
being empathetic listening to the heart
being enlightened connected with the spirit
being en-joy emanating through the soul.

Conscious, safe, permissive, individually tailored approaches provide a co-creative journey
exploring, discovering, and celebrating an authentic & wholesome sense of your fullest potential in well-being, healing, and dreaming.

The foundational idea that we are naturally self-healing is the basis from which each session develops.
The evaluation that we as a whole consciousness are emotionally developing into the all one AGAPE love (spontaneous altruistic love) is the intention from which each session evolves.

Have you ever felt fully met, seen, heard, appreciated, accepted, acknowledged, respected, connected, allowed to just be wholly you?

If so, how can you celebrate that degree of fulfillment in community co-creating your dream path consciously living this magical mystery called life?

If not, what keeps you back (misguided thoughts), confused (your relationship to not knowing), dis-eased (fighting internally in the body), numb (addicted to the automatic pilot state of mind), resisting (your own inner authority), stuck (listening to looped self talk). Exploring fantasy realms, manifesting dream-reality creations, resolving potential trauma stories may be how conscious well-being can exist successfully in health, abundance, and ecstatic wisdom.

Combining a variety of styles to meet your unique needs, we craft each session to meet & respect who, where, how, why you are at any given experience during the sessions.
Approaches may include somatic-emotional-release work, shamanic soul & spirit coaching, quantum-light & holotropic breathwork, neuro-linguistic and neuro-muscular reprogramming, modeling & role-playing scenes/enactments, massage therapy, hypnotherapy & guided-imagery meditations, family constellations, energetic balancing & reintegration.